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The history of the extraction of natural resources in Belize after European colonisation was largely that of timber extraction and forest tree usage. There are four stages of forest use; 1) for logwood to make dies in Europe, 2) for mahogany for timber in Europe, 3) for chical to make chewing gum for the USA, and currently 4) the harvesting of wood for local use and high quality furniture timber for local and overseas use, especially in the emerging Asian markets. Of these trees mahogany and chical were harvested in the Sartenejan Region, and mahogeny is till found but in greatly reduced numbers.

Logwood () has the most exotic history of extraction and use.


Chical is the dried sap of the chical tree and developed a large market in the USA as the base for chewing gum. Eventually the chical was replaced by gum artificially produced from petroleum products.

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