Sustainability based Internet training is a powerful technique to bond youth to Sustainability and provide employment opportunities 

A key program at Sustainability for Sarteneja is to train talented and environmentally concerned youth in website design, search engine optimisation, and market analysis. see IUCN, ASG, Froglog Article 

Sustainability for Sarteneja maintains three websites for Internet training. These websites provide key resources and include our projects website, a scientific journal website, and a commercial website. Our core website that provides facilities including a knowledge base and course notes for our Internet training. Training will not only involve website and web page design but also field work, research, and the production of images.

Direct interaction between students and international visitors at B'alam Ja Way will provide new knowledge, innovation and incentives.

Sustainability for Sarteneja offers students onsite projects that they can document and place on websites. An example project based web page is a symbiosis of an acacia tree with protective ants.

B’alam Ja Way, is landscaped for safely presenting ecological models of all stages of forest regrowth and has a wetland. B’alam Ja Way also has a Maya ceremonial mound and cave, and demonstrates sustainable building technologies and agriculture.

Landscaping provides habitat for numerous amphibians, mammals, birds, reptiles, butterflies and other arthropods.