Belize is driest in the North East and wettest in the South.

Belize climate

The climate of Belize City. Average temperature is about 27C (F) in summer from May to September then drops about 4C (F) to 23C (F) over winter. The amount of rainfall varies considerably from a wet season from May until January, to a three month dry season with only 25% of the rainfall per month as during the wet.

Monthly variation

The variation in monthly rainfall from season to season, both during the summer and the winter, can be very high and more than 5x rainfall in some years compared to others, due to intermittent cool depressions form the north, tropical waves and storms, and hurricanes.

Shipstern Nature Reserve, Sartanaja, Corozal District

The graph from Shipstern Nature Reserve, Sarteneja, north western Belize, shows the very high variation in monthly rainfall from one year to another, and between the wet and the dry season. Average rainfalls are about 3 times higher in the South with a shorter dry season.

A guide to the general climate of Belize may be found at

This climate chart was taken from for lats, longs, 17 Degrees 31 Minutes N, 88 Degrees 11 Minutes W.

Sarteneja is located at Lat (DMS), 18° 21' 0 N, Long (DMS), 88° 7' 60 W, and therefore is more coastal and northerly than the location of the chart below.

The area in and around Sartenaja is the driest in Belize, with less than 1500mm of rain per annum. Soils are shallow and alkaline, and lie over limestone bedrock from former reefs. Above ground, freshwater is scarce.

The graph below shows the rainfall over Shipstern Nature Reserve over the short period of 1989 and 1993. From

The rainfall at Sarteneja is probably slightly less than further inland at Shipstern NR, as rainfall generally increases inland in this region.

From the graphs below the climate of the Sarteneja Region is generally warm and wet from November to January, warm and dry from February to April, hot and dry from May to June, then a hot wet season from June to October.

However, rainfall is highly stochastic (statistically unpredictable) with up to 3x variation between years in many months.